November 20, 2016
ViralTag Review: Social Media Scheduler
I've met and collaborated with tons of food and travel bloggers over the last few years. Like with their blogs, social media is an important part of our success, helping drive traffic to our website and increasing awareness about Nomly's mission to connect with knowledgeable locals. If you're anything like me, you know that social media can take a lot of time out of your schedule. There are several scheduling tools that make the job easier, and today I want to share a few reasons why we started using ViralTag.

Our primary social media channels are, in order of post-frequency: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. ViralTag is our one-stop scheduler for all four. Here are a few of our favorite features:

The Dashboard
ViralTag has a fantastic dashboard that makes it easy to clearly see all of our scheduled posts. Unlike other schedulers we've used in the past, ViralTag's dashboard displays our posts with large fonts in a clear fashion.

It's easy to create quality posts across all of our social media accounts using the cloning feature. We simply upload an image, clone the post, and then we can write unique captions for each channel.

Sometimes we'll have periods without any scheduled posts. The Evergreen feature helps us always stay active by posting one of our evergreen posts during these down periods. All we have to do is pick a time period with no scheduled posts, and ViralTag takes care of the rest.

ViralTag gives us access to helpful analytics that help us understand engagement and growth. Rather than going to each social media website or connecting another analytics app, we can view helpful insights right in ViralTag. They even help us determine the best times to post on each social media channel, which has been one of the more helpful insights provided by the tool.

Free Trial!
It saves us a lot of time and headaches, and could be really useful for you too. If you want to give ViralTag a test-run, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial. I recommend checking it out - what do you have to lose? for $15 credit.

Disclaimer: we are being rewarded in some fashion for this review, but all opinions are my own, honest feelings about the product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Written by Kartik Jain