Hi there, my name is Grace Huang and am currently living in Portland, Oregon and I love to travel, explore, cook, bake and eat great food, which is why I love Portland so much. Portland has a great community that embraces everything and everyone, as a result there is a great food culture. I feel as those who are passionate about nature and food comes to live in Portland which explains why one can basically talk to anyone while they wait in line for half an hour for weekend brunch. Why does it matter whether or not you have to wait half an hour to eat when you know you will have great company and great food.
Kelly Rae
Kelly Rae here, and I'm a proud Portlander. I've lived in a few cities all over the U.S., but I can honestly say there's no other city that I call home more than Portland. I moved here a few years ago after spending four years in the Bay Area, and prior to that, lived in New York where I studied culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. As a professional cook and food blogger, the city's exceptional food scene is what brought me here, but the amazing people I've met here, and the city's close proximity to the coast, mountains, wine country, and countless breweries (Oregon is quite famous for its craft beers!), are what have made this my permanent home.