Hello! My name is Augustina (aka @augustinaeatz). I'm a traveller who is ridiculous passionate about food! I probably became a foodie in my toddler years and now I can't get enough! I'm from Vancouver and San Francisco is my home away from home. I've travelled to a lot of cities and San Francisco is something special. The feel of the city is amazing and I love how diverse it is and all it is has to offer. It is a city that is every foodie's dream come true.
Ferry Building Marketplace
First spot to see is the Ferry building. This is right on Embarcadero and the start of any new visitor's journey. Inside this historic and beautiful building, you'll find lots of different shops and bites. Be sure to try San Francisco's famous blue coffee while you visit here and get some photos of the bay bridge as well!
The Slanted Door
While visiting the ferry building check out the Slanted Door for lunch! Modern cuisine meets Vietnamese with a beautiful view of the bay bridge! The dessert menu is something special and is worth the calories! Here is a Pandan coconut rice pudding topped with mango sorbet and candied Thai basil leaves.
Pier 39
Welcome to Pier 39. You'll find yourself here as you walk down the scenic Embarcadero. You can walk down or go on the retro trolley cars! It can get crowded easily but it's worth the visit. There's lots to see here, including the seals! Continue walking down and you'll find yourself at Fisherman's Wharf.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company
Make a stop at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company while visiting the Pier for some hush puppies. They are delicious!
Golden Boy Pizza
Before you head to the Marina District, be sure to visit North Beach, also known as Little Italy. There's lots to see along Columbus Ave and you'll find plenty of Italian food and coffee shops in this area. If you're in the mood for pizza, stop by Golden Boy Pizza for some authentic delicious pizza by the slice!
The Marina District
The Marina district is so beautiful and here you'll get to see amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge ( on a clear day ) while walking along Marina Blvd, which will take you into Golden Gate Park park.
Izakaya Sozai
As you enter the Golden Gate Park, you'll notice tons of things to see and do here. The park itself is so beautiful and huge! The Japanese Garden is special and I highly recommend a visit. There's a koi pond, gift shop, a Buddha statue, and a beautiful Japanese-inspired building inside. About one block from the park is Izakaya Sozai, which serves a small selection of fine Japanese food. Here I ordered the Matcha Cheesecake and it was perfection.
Golden Gate Bridge
Walking the Golden Gate Bridge is something you must do when visiting SF. It can get pretty foggy here so bring a sweater! You won't see much on a foggy day ( still a good experience ), but if you go on the GGB website, you'll get an idea of what it looks like on the bridge.
MyMy Coffee Shop
Craving brunch yet? MyMy Coffee Shop is a great place to visit. They have a good selection of dishes and isn't too packed, which is a nice bonus! You won't be disappointed here! I love this Chicken Gruyere Mornay with poached eggs.
The Cable Cars
After brunch, be sure to hop on the famous cable car! There are two different routes you can go on. Both will take you through a few different districts, including Chinatown. However if you're wanting to see Mrs. Doubtfire's house, I suggest hopping on the Powell-Hyde line and walking a few blocks.
Mission District
Welcome to Mission! Home of beautiful street art, South American and Mexican cuisine, gift shops, and thrift stores on nearly every corner. Clarion Alley is worth visiting for its beautiful art, and you may even get to see an artist working on their latest masterpiece.
Taquerias El Farolito
While visiting the Mission district, be sure to visit Taquerias El Farolito on 24th street and Mission for a burrito! They are amazing! Can't go wrong with anything you order here!
Belly Good Cafe & Crepes
Welcome to Japantown! I love coming to visit the shopping center here, which is huge and filled with so many cute shops. There's a good handful of dessert cafes to chose from here. I always have to get a crepe from Belly Good. They are so adorable and delicious! Also if you're in the mood for ramen, you're in the right place!
Ocean Beach
It wouldn't be a trip to SF if you didn't stop by Ocean Beach! It's a stunning beach to watch the sunset at. Just be careful about the fog! You may end up seeing nothing but grey mist. There's lots of coffee shops nearby, as well as the San Francisco Zoo!